Inaugural conference: GAFA, Europe



What are the challanges for the 2016 Payment Market ?





Marked by the arrival of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and the adoption of the Second Payment Services Directive (DSP2), the 2016 payments industry is at the dawn of a new cycle. Thus, parallel to the Europeanisation of the market players such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba or Samsung, are clearly positioned in a sector that will now be open to non-bank players. What are the challenges of this competition for traditional players? GAFA - how they influence and service models? How they transform the medium term chessboard? How will the disintermediation become long-term? What are the banks' strategies? The inaugural conference will be an opportunity to debate on these issues in the presence of top industry professionals.


Introduction – Globalisation du marché des paiements : enjeux et perspectives 2016. Andréa Toucinho, Directrice des rédactions, pôle banque et paiement, Publi-News (Newsco Group)

GAFA: Challenges for the payments market? Geoffroy Goffinet, financial innovation, consumer protection and payments, European Banking Authority (EBA)


Globalization of the payments market: What are the strategies for a key Web player? Francis Barel, Business Development Manager, PayPal, France


The impacts of the payments market developments for large companies. Christophe Lesobre, President of Electronic Banking and Average Commission Payments, French Association of Corporate Treasurers (AFTE)

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