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We chose to work with Collis testing tools Acquiring solutions developed by the company UL Transactions Security, to support our clients with their projects in payment systems and to better respond to their technical problems on means of payment.

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UL Transaction Security assists companies on their issues of mobility, payments and electronic banking in the complex world of electronic transactions.

UL Transaction Security is the global leader in safeguarding the security, compliance, and global interoperability, offering testing solutions and certification of SI safety assessments, as well as testing tools. To intervene throughout the entire life cycle of your products or implementation of new technology development process.

UL Transaction Security has accreditations from industry bodies, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express, EMVCo, UnionPay International, PCI, GCF, GlobalPlatform, NFC Forum and many others.

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While the world of EMV has matured, we noticed an increased focus on quality and interoperability. To meet this demand, high quality test tools are needed. This proposal combines unique tools developed and maintained by UL that can be used to accelerate the testing and certification procedures.

These solutions play a unique role in the development and testing of your terminal. The combination of these three products will ensure a rapid and efficient development to ultimately improve productivity of your various devices.

These solutions allow testing of the acquirer and issuer section.

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We are happy to offer solutions:


Collis Card Spy

This tool is able to spy on communications and measuring performance between a chip card (EMV) and EMV terminal - two automated teller machines (ATMs) and point of sale (POS). It can also spy on the communication between a contactless card and contactless terminal / reader. Mainly, it helps learning and identify problems related to interoperability and / or contact issues that may arise, and helps to resolve communication problems between a smart card and the terminal.

In addition to smart cards and terminals, it can also be used to monitor the communication between the mobile electronic passports NFC tokens, wallet, etc., which comply with the ISO 14443 standard for contactless communication.


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