Our expertise


L'expertise de MONEYCORE de divise en 3 pratices :

Pratices Moneycore

Notre offre Business Transformation

Digital information begins its industrialization phase thanks to cloud computing, unlimited data storage and sharing over the Internet. The Open Data, Big Data, Business Intelligence, M-Business and mobility are becoming key levers to make organizations more effective. If technological solutions are dense, the adequacy of current needs, future opportunities and the technical implementation and organizational constraints require specific expertise both on a technologic and managerial level.

Digitalisation: IT master plans, definition of digital strategies , new business models

Big Data: Defining Assurant solutions and acquirement of competitive advantages of using new data management models, thanks to our new management models.

 Innovative Consulting : Our consultants conciliatory their expertise in architecture SI businesses. Their knowledge of Big Data and Their experience in the implementation of the design benefits the international deployment.

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