Cash Management

Moneycore offers you comprehensive support for all your financial and cash flows and helps you optimise your company’s liquidity to ensure the success of your cash management projects.

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Our mission

Moneycore’s cash management teams support banks and corporations in :

  • Flow management (Cash pooling, MT/MX exchange formats...)
  • Risks, compliance and security (PSD2, EiDAS, GDPR, Fight against fraud...)
  • Communication channels (EBICS T/TS, Swiftnet FileAct/FIN...)
  • Account management (EBAM, virtual accounts...)
  • Liquidity management (Implementation of TMS, RFI/RFP strategic partnerships...)
  • Innovation (Open banking, Blockchain/DLT...).
Our missions
  • Develop solutions to improve cash management and account maintenance
  • Optimize flow management and banking exchanges
  • Propose an operational model and business processes that meet efficiency requirements
  • Managing complex transformation projects in the cash management sector
  • Integrate innovations into the product development culture: Request to pay, RPA, Blockchain/DLT, Instant payment, Swift GPIo or open banking