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Follow the news of the company and the world of electronic banking and payment methods.

keybank’s partnership with oracle

KeyBank recently used Oracle technology to launch a nationwide digital bank tailored to doctors and dentists.
After acquiring First Niagara Bank in 2015, KeyBank worked with Oracle to implement Oracle Banking Originations and bring together the two banks’ various loan management, collection and recovery systems.

Modern payment strategies WITH DAILYPAY

FinTech DailyPay has launched a general-purpose reloadable prepaid card and app called Friday that allows employees to receive instant pay transfers at no cost at the request of employers who use the company’s on-demand payment platform called Daily Pay.

Combating Fraud in the Metaverse

The possibilities of Web3 are increasingly evident. This new iteration of the internet will emphasize decentralized applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain-based technologies. Furthermore, the metaverse provides an infrastructure that allows consumers to interact socially and in commercial activities, to make investments, etc.

Beepo : the new payment method

Beepo is a decentralized messaging application, which is currently in beta testing, added a new feature that it claims secures all chats with blockchain encryption.
With this feature, users can perform B2B transactions, as well as B2C, without the intervention of a third party, share funds securely with family members and customers, access decentralized blockchain applications and browse online catalogs.

How new payment methods can boost sales?

“Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) services have quickly taken hold of the retail scene, quickly becoming a household name in the world of digital payments. A recent study found that 25% of online shoppers in the UK now use BNPL and 20,000 different merchants offer it at the point of sale…